The Symptomatic Cure- Is it worth it?

Driving past Delhi roads in festive season is one whale of a task!!

With the revelry all around the snarls are no less entertaining than a masala Bollywood flick where you see couples arguing, children studying, people yelling and what not on roads!!

The effigies of Ravana along with Meghanada and Kumbhakarna mounted on to the corner parks to celebrate victory of good over evil, always jog my memory to one of my favorite dialogues of recent times (coming from my all, I mean allest of time favorite –Arjun Rampal) that we need to burn Ravana every year because we know the evil does not die and it keeps coming back in one form or the another.

The evil has always been there, it is perennial But, the only difference between then and now is the way we have tackled the evil.

The social media past two days has been trending of celebrities hash tagging their contribution to Swachh Bharat mission to the extent that they are weighing the Kgs or tonnes of garbage they actually got exonerated from.

But, wait a minute, “Are we getting rid of garbage for a day or two OR we actually want to liberate from it for good?”

The way some significant issues are addressed by us is worth a consideration.

When we have temperature we simply pop up a paracetamol and we are relieved for three maybe six hours depending upon how bad the fever was. We continue this hide and seek for a day or two and then when this paracetamol and other remedies cease to work we finally decide to visit doctor, who examines and apprises us of the fact that there is an infection which needs an antibiotic and popping those horrendous monster pills we get fine in a day or two.

This is the phenomenon where we have been treating the symptom and not the root cause of symptom.

Fever in any form is never a disease but a mere symptom of an underlying disease and till the time we keep treating the symptoms and not the actual cause, the symptoms will keep bouncing back.

And in case of India, we are trying to treat not fever but cancer with paracetamol !!!!!

One news that kind of took the whole Delhi NCR in frenzy, was the case of Pradyuman Thakur .

Its heartrending to see that how an incident which flashes the headlines of media for few days gradually gets pushed to second to third page and finally as a script to a potential bollywood grosser!!!

Being a mother of two school going children. Yes it chilled me down too!!

The parent WhatsApp groups only had suggestions and points to ponder with the school to ensure safety of our children. From installing CCTV’s outside washrooms to CCTV’s in school buses, from metal detectors at entrance gates to only female staff permitted in school premises!!!!

Yes,as a parent I empathize with all such parents who in jitters came up with such nouveau suggestions after-all the kids are our “reason of being”.

But, contemplating the incident we, with such suggestions are going by the adage that prevention is better than cure, However till when are we going to prevent at the superficial level and let such incidents  recurring?

They say, “An idle mind is devil’s workshop”. This incident is just one of the case authenticating the saying.

With the idle mind as the breeding ground and tools like all the possible exposure available on the palmtop and abundance of time, it is easy for this workshop to flourish and particular strata to fall an easy prey to the devil inside.

I was kind of mocked at when made a suggestion that such drivers and cleaners of the school transport staff should be trained and could also double up as maybe gardeners, plumbers, electricians and other support staff .

Doing so, we are inducting only sincere people as school staff and also giving them a vocation with which they can earn an extra buck and enhance the quality of their living .

I believe our true being is just not created with our careers or our beliefs or the degrees we acquired but how we utilize or the choice we made when the mind is unengaged.

Now the choice is ours : the choice of crafting a devil’s workshop with the unengaged mind OR God’s own workshop of meaning & purpose”? A tough choice though!

Till the time such unengaged minds are not put to some bigger meaning and purpose and continue to have an easy access to plethora of stuff on their palmtop, the devil will cease to vanish and maybe we soon need to celebrate Dussehra once a month and not yearly !!

It is time for us to start addressing the real cause because after-all  “it is not important where you fell but where and how you slipped.”



8 thoughts on “The Symptomatic Cure- Is it worth it?

  1. Well expressed Sonia ! The Ryan school incident was indeed shocking. I agree with you that the staff needs to be kept busy.Have noticed the drivers watching videos on their phones all day long .The schools have increased the security at the gates and are taking additional measures to enhance safety of kids. But for how long? Public memory as they say,is short and soon people will forget all that happened at the school and life will go on as usual…till another incident happens..

  2. True!! Sonia you echo my thoughts or rather my confusion.
    We are trying to address cancer with paracetamol……
    Sometimes I wonder where we all are heading to. Escalation in materialism, technology, knowledge, accessibility, and on the same time speedy decline in core human values. Where we are cold when we don’t relate to someone’s troubles, selfish because of our limited thoughts, and beast when we just loose all our senses…..
    Your blog disturbs because it reflects our helplessness but on same time it challenges to not give up and keep doing our bit to at least wake up people.
    Thanks for sharing.

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