Individual Excellence

21st century brings the dawn of concept of mere performance.

Learning to do your job and meeting expectations is taking you plain south.

This is the dynamic age where constant upgradation of Knowledge, Attitude and Skills is imperative to
accelerate performance hence sustain and retain market edge.

Comprehending the need of the hour The Changes has crafted meticulously Self Excellence model
which works on the premise that change is the only constant and keeping abreast with Socio, Techno
advances is the only way to succeed.

Attitudinal Finesse Program (AFP)

  • Attitudinal Reformation
  • Perceptional Transition
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Self Discipline
  • Passion Development
  • Emotional Intelligence

Corporate Finesse Program (CFP)

  • Image Enhancement
  • Business Protocol
  • Presentation Skills
  • Social Graces

Language Finesse Program (LFP)

  • Accent Neutralisations & MTI Reduction
  • Language Enhancement
  • Vocabulary Enrichment
  • Business Writing
  • Pronunciation Correction
  • Global English

Student Finesse Program (SFP)

  • Assertive Communication
  • Corporate Terminology and Organizational Structure
  • Interview Preparedness
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Ice Breaking & Rapport Building
  • Confidence Enhancement