Flagship Offerings


Walls To Bridges

It is an Action Oriented Program on doable to achieve Inter Personal Excellence.

Working in teams is the most critical task and there isn’t a magic formula to excel in this domain. This program works on the premise of doing the Right Things at the Right Time to build productive relations and develop mutual trust and accountability.

It aims to build cohesive teams which thrive to achieve the shared organizational goals.

Walls to Bridges is an intervention to develop high performing, goal driven teams with shared participation to develop individual and group competencies.

Program Scope

  • Team Development
  • Clarifying Expectations and Goal Positioning
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution


Words To World

Communication is an innovative activity of mind and strong skills in this domain help relay information and ideas to derive the desired purpose.

Words to World is an Action Oriented Learning initiative on doable to achieve Communication & Presentation Excellence.

Research has proved that the single most important factor that determines an employee’s performance is dependent on the way he or she communicates and in turns develops interpersonal efficiency.

In a world that have become overly connected, with virtual Media where Presentation, Messaging, and E-mail have become the dominant everyday writing mediums, knowing how to structure & present oneself has become imperative.

This program is designed to enable the participants enhance their Business Communication Skills encompassing careful choice of words, meaningful expression and getting desired outcome.

Program Scope

  • Communication Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Email Management


Efficient to Effective

An outcome Oriented Learning Program with premise on enhancing the productivity and output of the audience through the process of Self Management.

Most often employees are faced with southward trend in motivation and energy owing to work pressure and dodge bullets which ultimately hit them in form of Stress, Demotivation, Low Morale and Focus.

This program directs the participants to the path of Self Management Strategies to develop self efficiency

Program Scope

  • Perception Refinement
  • Self Discipline
  • Time Management
  • Positivity In stress


Principle to Practice

The climate is the feel of the organization. Climate represents the beliefs about the “Feel of the oOganization” by its members.

This individual perception of the “Feel of the Organization” comes from what the people believe about the activities that occur at the workplace. These activities influence both individual and team motivation and satisfaction.

Organizational Climate, manifested in a variety of human resource practices, is an important predictor of organizational success.

P TO P is a tried and tested program which positively impacts organizational climate through various measures of organizational success, most notably for metrics such as Sales, Staff Retention, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, and Profitability:

Program Scope

  • Participative Leadership
  • OCTAPACE Culture
  • Alignment Of Mission, Vision & Values
  • Creative Problem Solving



In fast paced global competition today, Industrial units are faced with challenge for workmanship which is Meticulous, Swift and Energised.

This program is designed to enable the workforce  meet the optimum level of productivity and
efficiency through attuning their Attitude and developing a model for Change.

Pratiman is a unique program which touches the heart of the participant. At the end of the program, Audience feels that there is a need for change in their Attitude & Behaviour towards Self, Colleagues, Customers, Organization and the Environment.

The  program is like treading on a fresh path with more clarity, focus and hence better results.

Program Scope

  • Attitude Advancement
  • Passion Development
  • Motivation to Stay Energise