Essential Emerging Skills

The future of work will drastically change in the next 5 years, suggests The World Economic Forum.

Amidst fast-paced technological innovations where we soon shall be sharing our workplaces with Artificial Intelligence. In such a scenario staying ahead of the curve will need adopting certain skills that will be essential to complement and supplement technological advancement.  

The skills that become momentous are:

Empathy: We are all in the business of emotions irrespective of profession & profile and there is nothing messier than dealing with human emotions!

That is where Empathy plays a significant role. Empathy is listening not with ears, but with heart.

It is the ability to recognize and understand emotions other than your own. Empathy is our ability to recognize that each one is unique and has a different view of situations, complex emotions, and occurrences. This term has gained momentum in the last few years and has been found an effective and simplest tool offering easy solutions to complex challenges.

Empathy allows reaching the root cause of any problem; it is detrimental in removing walls and constructing bridges between individuals for Socio-Emotional Development.

People who have the ability to empathize can understand the intentions, needs, motivation, and desires, of others and leverage relationships for collaboration and progress.

Recognizing Intuition: Steve Jobs, in his famous Stanford University Commencement Address (2005), advised students not to let the “noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice”, but have the courage to follow your intuition.”

Intuition is a quiet voice that comes from inside when the brain uses past experiences and cues from the self and the environment to make a decision. The decision happens so quickly that it doesn’t register on a conscious level.

Intuition exists in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. The more we can recognize it, the more we can use it to shape our lives for the better.

Living in the Information age, merely acquiring knowledge is not enough, but the real catch lies in wisdom of application of it.

Any skill or knowledge is dormant if it is not applied and is a debacle if applied erroneous, hence the wisdom to choose and follow one’s intuition plays a vital role for both professional and personal success. 

Learning Agility: As futurist and philosopher Alvin Toffler once wrote:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Since we shall be working in tandem with AI, hence rapidity is the keyword.

The pace of change today is very much akin to hitting a moving target! In such a dynamic ecosystem the most critical skill is our ability to adapt to the unknown new and let go of the comforting known.

The rule of the game is not merely acquiring knowledge but constant up-gradation of it by raising the creative curiosity, which is challenging the old paradigms and constantly adapting to the uncertain, unpredictable environment.

One has to be in steady-state of unlearning and relearning procedures, habits that are critical to attain the desired purpose.

Historically, evolution had to do with nature but now it is in the hands of mankind and this mindful learning & relearning has now become synonymous with evolution from the current state to the desired state for a 

“Stronger Tomorrow.”