Creative Curiosity: Why Things Are,The Way They Are?

Its 9 PM,the house seems to be what malls in Delhi are post the sale weekend,after-all our
clocks are set apropos the schedule of school going children.

Suddenly,there is a commotion in the house,all the three occupants sans the didi of the
household have clambered onto the sofas with index finger pointing in one direction, that is
where we spotted the creepiest of crawlies “The Lizard”

The senior boy in absence of dad takes over the role of man of the house and vehemently
suggests calling the guard bhaiya to rescue us of that 5 inch monster in the house.
The guard bhaiya walks in with all possible arms and ammunition and finally after 20 minute
long surgical strike we are rescued of the dreaded devil!!

As a token of thanks,offered a monetary reward to bhaiya to which he refused (a rare
phenomenon though),instead offered him some sweets disguised as Prasad,after all didn’t want
him to go empty handed (being a staunch believer of the Karma Theory).

Its 5:30 in the morning, with head buzzing with plethora of events,head for a quickie lungful
of air and eyes still being cautious of the last night monster’s visit,something caught my over
vigil eyes, something strewn over at regular intervals. The cleanliness freak in me picks it up and
marches straight to the guards picket.

With faint memory had difficulty in recalling the one who rescued us,I steadily approached the
picket and before I could question them one of them politely asks “kya hua ma’am, phir se aa
gayee kya chipkalee?” (What happened ma’am,did you again encounter the lizard?) cutting
short his chat on WhatsApp.
To which I blurted out “bhaiya chipkali toh nahin, par yeh zarror dikha, floor pe pada hua” ( Not
the lizard but this is what I saw)showing him the butter paper of the ladoos offered to
him last night as a token.

He naively asks,” ma’am yeh kya hai”?( What is this ma’am?) And I had to tell him ki
“woh ladoo ke niche laga kagaz hai.”(That’s the butter paper placed beneath the ladoo)
“Arre ma’am, yeh toh maine dekha hi nahin”!( Oh, I didn’t even notice this) he quickly grabs and
aims at the garbage bin at stones throw from his station. To my surprise he could dunk them in
one go, I wish our fielders also had displayed such meticulous skills at field on Champions Trophy

This particular incident made a 180 degree shift in my perception and understanding the minds
of WE Indians. Always lived under an impression that we are reluctant to change BUT the fact
of the matter is, Do we even realize that we need to change? Or maybe we are selective in our
need to change?

That guard was completely oblivious to the butter paper existing under the ladoos, having a
garbage bin right in front of the picket also didn’t prompt him to tuck the paper and wait for it to
rest where it should. The fact is that he did not even realize that there is something like butter
paper which he extracts the ladoo from and it by default falls on the floor.

The guard did not purposely threw it down.

Hence,it is not about wanting or not wanting, It is about knowing or questioning the existing
behaviors, belief systems, pattern of events which shapes our actions and actions which become
our habits and habits are toughest to change!!

It is all about being vigilant to happenings around us and raising our Creative Curiosity Quotient.

Creative Curiosity is our insatiable hunger to learn why things are the way they are?
It is asking yourself:

“Why am I doing this?”
“Is there a better or improved way of doing this?”
“What are the repercussion of doing this?”
“Will these upshot have an immediate consequence?”
“How will these repercussions impact those directly in concern, me or even society ?”
“Are these shaping my habits and in turn my attitude?”

No wonder the most widely quoted maxim in India being “Mere akele ke karne se kya hota
hai?”( What big difference will take place with just one person doing or following the path of

The biggest evil that could play in any society is that of Ignorance.
Ignorance is like a parasite which hampers not only the development and progress of the society but
also shackles the very basis of it.
Till the time we do not vote ourself out of this island of Ignorance,the society will keep
progressing at the snail’s pace, and we will keep blaming the government for mess around us.

I always wonder how much can we expect from 1 man and his army ( I mean Mr Modi and his
handful of ministers) till the time 1 .4 billion and counting do not even realize the need for
change or we are selective like that guard who could pace up with the times having a smart
phone with social networking apps,but was ignorant about things which do not matter to him.

Most of India loves to quote,”Mai toh aisa hi hoo, itne saal main nahin badla toh ab kya
badloonga.”( I am like this, when I could not change in so many years,why should I change now?)
but such people must have been upgrading their handhelds every year. Phew… Selective Ignorance!!!

At any social forum we have battery of suggestions on ways and means for India to develop and
progress, we have Hundreds of do’s and don’ts for the government, BUT Are We Doing Our Bit?

I can candidly recall an amicable conversation with a very well read,well placed friend on plight
of India and bigger plight of Indians,who casually comments “As a responsible citizen,I casted
my vote,what more to expect from the citizens,we have chosen our government to carry the
wagon of development,what more can we do?”

My question to him and to everyone belonging to that ideology,“Is casting of vote enough?”
If we have a leaking tap or a broken windowpane in our household today,a mere call to plumber
or carpenter once will suffice, will we not chase them throughout the day till the time they fix
the predicament,then how can mere casting of vote is enough?

Should not we contribute in our purview?
Should not we be proactive where we can be?
Should not we educate the ignored?
Should we only remember our rights and not our duties from the day we all look forward as a
national holiday?

We need to make things happen and the only way to make them happen is to do away the Ignorance.

We need to challenge ourselves of our Action and Non Action.

We need to Think, Act and Create the change we have been longing to see in this country as
change is the only constant for Survival, Progress and Evolution and remember,Attitude is
contagious, damn contagious…

19 thoughts on “Creative Curiosity: Why Things Are,The Way They Are?

  1. Your dedication,enthusiasm and consistent efforts towards bringing a change is very inspiring……Wish you success and great achievement in your endeavour # Changes #
    Two thumbs up for this blog ??

  2. The only thing constant is change! Very well articulated Sonia. We all have to do our bit whether to bring awareness, conscious action or being consistent with it.

  3. Very well said Sonia…(We need to make things happen and the only way to make them happen is to do away the Ignorance.) I agree ☝️

  4. Such a thoughtful and mind challenging article. The day, we start having a Change in our thoughts and actions…. all will be well

  5. Striking excerpt Sonia, little things make big differences..A very well constructed write up…looking forward for more..All the best.

  6. Brilliantly simple and realistic writing . Looks human n humane. Karma is bitch. Change very selfish. Hope & Change are buddy to each other..usually compliments each other’s back .. perception makes us wonder and I guess brings us closer to need and change . Best wishes . adsnirvana

  7. Really, an impressive way of folding a message in an amazing way. You know how to keep a reader Clinged to it ! CHEERS ! ?

  8. Change your thoughts and you Change your World !
    hope we realise we can change our country if we as an individual change ourselves…

    Very Impressive and well put in words ?

    Wish u great success in ur endeavour ??
    Ish Kaur

  9. Beautifully narrated.. You have crafted this in a very subtle way and still very heart stroking..
    Well said .. Its time for “ The Change”..

  10. Such an important aspect you have picked…….Need of the Nation!!!!
    And so rightly said – everyone should do their bit……Be the CHANGE!!!!!
    Beautifully written…..thought provoking!!!
    Cheers n All the luck!!!!

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