Self Assessment Questionnaire

Creative Curiosity Questionnaire

Take this self-assessment quiz as a guide for yourself as to what is your CCQ (Creative Curiosity Quotient).
Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. It is not a test,and there are no wrong answers.
For each statement, choose the option that you think, suits you the best.

1. If you get stuck in a jam on a routine day:

You get fidgety to know the cause behind the jam and you get perplexed when you do not encounter a cause behind the jam.
You hit on your navigator and look for alternative routes available.

2. When in a conversation with a friend who is sharing a professional concern:

You ask her lot of questions to find out more about her feelings and expectations.
You don’t want to prod her, instead you share your experience for her to understand and implement.

3. When doing a task:

You like to challenge the usual way of carrying out a task and try nouveau techniques.
You would like to stick to tried and tested methods.

4. When you are close to nature:

You get mesmerized by the beauty and mairaclousness of every being and thing around you which prompts you to explore the mysteries of nature.
You just enjoy and live the moment.

5. When you are dining out and you order a new entrant on the Menu:

You promptly meet the chef and praise him/her, also you hint at learning the recipe and the ingredients.
You savour the dish and share the experience with your kins.

6. Your father,mother or an eldery asks you to perform a ritual:

You question about the history geography and upshot of the tradition.
You just follow elders, afterall we are not supposed to question them and invite the wrath of god.

7. When going for a vacation:

You follow your instincts and head an unexplored, unheard destination.
You like to plan your vacation after a thorough discussion and research.

8. When indulging a spare time activity:

You like to play word searches.
You like to play riddles.

9. When you see a person behaving in an awkward fashion publically:

You wonder why the person is getting himself in a spot and why is he behaving in a peculiar way.
“Some people are too uncivilized and lack public demenour” is what you think.

10. When a child asks questions beyond his age and level of understanding:

You try to explain, simplify, relate, clarify and even cross question till he is content.
You tell him that he is too young to decipher it.